"Wij verbeteren de bodem op een innovatieve manier."

Trimax Warlord S3

Heavy duty flail mulcher mower.

The all new Trimax Warlord S3™ with it’s hydraulic sideshift operation makes for a powerful working companion in various commercial applications. We’ve designed the Warlord S3™ to be safe and reliable for roadside and contracting work and have maintained our robust build which already made the S2 the flail of choice for hire fleets. With the ability to shred branches up to 75mm in diameter and fitted with unique features such as 3 year warranty, pruning guide and an adjustable rear flap, the Warlord is a serious commercial flail mower.

With the new sideshift we added the ability of manoeuvring the mower around trees and obstacles. For heavy duty mowing requirements, you can’t go past the Warlord S3™ for orchards, municipal and contracting operations